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How a Billion Device Group Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Provide End to End IT Consulting and services across all levels and industries .

Provide End to End IT Consulting and services across all levels and industries Create an ecosystem for building focused next gen technological space to fill the on demand skill gap

Our senior management team worked in multiple business domains,Major markets like North America,Europe,Asia and understands each clients specific industry challenges Our mission is when our customers win ,we win philosophy.We work hard to make our clients successful.


Web Development

We, at Billion Devices, creates websites which are rich in features as well as keeping the simplicity of your requirement in our mind.


Mobile App Development

The whole world currently runs on the pic of mobile apps.So our team make sure you get the right application for your required project no matter which platform you choose.


Cloud Computing

Are you having any type of problem in understanding the cloud, servers, hosting, blah, blah...?? Leave it on us ! our team will provide the best cloud service as for available in market.


Big Data Analytics and Management

Nothing in this world runs without data analytics, starting from number of people online on yournapplication currently to the age group of the people ordering your sweetdish the max will be provided by our analyser.



Search Engine Optimisation plays the key role in grabbing the eyes of the maximum viewers on internet by ranking up your page in any search engine like,,, etc. Don't worry our heavily experienced team got your back.


UX/UI Design

Naturally the Human minds drive by the looks and the liquid flow experience he gains from the website or the application he uses and delivers comment about the site. Our team has free of creating attractive rich design and at the same time giving a fluid experience to the user.



The modern world is full thing which are directly connected to the internet. Starting from your bank passbook updates to the security camera you see in your 2nd street all are connected and driven by internet. We welcome any type of help you seek from our expertise team on it.



Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality are some of the terms you might be hearing everyday. The one and only reason is ITS THE FUTURE !so tight up your point and climb on board with us to make better future together.

We love working with clients who love to standout from the crowd

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