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Billion Device is a company in Bangalore focusing on the requirements of clients and giving the shape to their ideas in form of websites,apps. All the businesses are getting serious about the online image that they have over internet in form of websites,apps.

Every app developer wants his app reviewed on popular blogs, as it’s probably one of the best way (with promo campaigns) to gain a lot of exposure and get downloads.
App ratings are not meant to reflect the intended audience. The ratings are intended to help consumers, especially parents, identify potentially objectionable content that exists within an app. All rating icons are protected trademarks of the respective rating authority and their misuse may result in legal action. More information about rating icon usage can be found on each rating authority’s website

An app can earn different ratings in different territories. Because rating standards can have differences by territory, each rating authority uses its own logic when rating apps. Rating authorities participating in IARC may change an app's rating after a review. If an app rating is overridden by a rating authority and anyone want to update any responses, then it is needed to complete the questionnaire again.

Importance of Ratings & Reviews

Both Apple and Google put ratings right alongside an app’s icon and title, giving users a quick way to judge the app’s quality. People are unlikely to download an app that doesn’t have at least three stars, so developers are incentivized to get the best rating possible.
This system, while mostly effective, breaks down in a few places. For example, a ton of non-developers on beta operating systems might complain that a particular app doesn’t work on their device. You’ll also hear folks blame an app for something that isn’t its fault — for example, blaming an alarm app for not going off, even though the phone’s battery died.
Some tech pundits recommend giving one star if an app prompts you for a rating, which is a reaction to ratings being asked for the wrong reasons. Simply asking for a rating leaves a tremendous opportunity on the table, one where you get to engage with users. You could be asking what you could do better, or you could be helping them with their questions.

When browsing or searching for apps, the first contact potential users have with your product are your app name, your app icon and your user ratings. Even though you don’t have direct power to create or change reviews, you can do several things online or within your app to get better user ratings and therefore convince more users to download your apps.
Getting customer ratings is hard, and getting positive (4/5 stars) app ratings is of course even harder. The key rule to improve your ratings is to make everything you can so that unhappy users can reach you and express their concerns directly to you, and so that happy users can easily leave a review on the App Store.

Reviews and Rating afffect Ranking

Looking at the app store lists of best rated apps, it’s clear that a high rating will help your app move up the ranking. However, a high rating alone won’t ensure ranking success – it’s a competitive world out there! In fact, if we look at the top 100 apps, a sizeable majority of the apps (75%) were at least rated 4-stars.
If you attempt to cheat the system (for example, by trying to trick the review process, manipulate the ratings, or offering incentives for reviews) your app will likely be removed from the store and worst case scenario, you’ll be expelled from the developer program. Google Play still did not specify any penalty for buying reviews (yet!). However, they monitor both your app reviews and daily users to see if the positive comments match. If your downloads count increases by some buying hack and your app does not deliver the promised, you are bound to get negative reviews. At this point, Google Play will penalize you by giving you a lower store ranking


1. Use of an App Review Plugin
The quickest, easiest way to get an app review from someone is to ask them to do it within your app.

2. Incentivize Users to Review an App
Apple has been removing apps that give users incentives to review apps.

3. Leverage Helpshift to Provide Direct Support to Users
The best route to a good app review is to provide exceptional customer service.

4. Time the Prompt
While review prompts are a great way to remind users to leave a review, it’s also important to time the prompts properly within the user experience.

5. Running a Contest
Another great way to increase app reviews is to run a contest on various forums.

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