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Mobile commerce (m-commerce, m-business)—any e-commerce done in a wireless environment, especially via the Internet. It can be done via the Internet, private communication lines, smart cards, etc. It creates opportunity to deliver new services to existing customers and to attract new ones.

The future development of the mobile telecommunication sector is heading more and more towards value-added services. Analysts forecast that soon half of mobile operators‘ revenue will be earned through mobile commerce. Consequently operators as well as third party providers will focus on value-added-services. To enable mobile services, providers with expertise on different sectors will have to cooperate. Innovative service scenarios will be needed that meet the customer‘s expectations and business models that satisfy all partners involved.

Some M-Commerce Stats

• “m-Commerce growth to exceed $500 billion sales by 2017 driven by Asia, America and Europe (almost half in Asia)” – Digi-Capital (July 2014).
• “The value of mobile commerce transactions conducted via mobile handsets and tablets will exceed $3.2 trillion by 2017, up from $1.5 trillion this year” – Juniper (June 2013).
• “We estimate that by 2016, the m-commerce market is expected to reach US $800 billion worldwide” – Ericsson (July 2014).
• “We expect global mobile [payment] transaction volume and value to average 35 percent annual growth between 2012 and 2017, and we are forecasting a market worth $721 billion with more than 450 million users by 2017” – Gartner (June 2013).


1. Mobility—users carry cell phones or other mobile devices

2. Broad reach—people can be reached at any time

3. Ubiquity—easier information access in real-time

4. Convenience—devices that store data and have Internet, intranet, extranet connections

5. Instant connectivity—easy and quick connection to Internet, intranets, other mobile devices, databases

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