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Billion Device offers high-end Android Game Programming solutions customized to provide smooth and incredible gaming experience for a fast and rapidly changing tablet industry. Right from client engagement, ideation and strategizing, UX/UI, application development, testing, deployment and maintenance and upgrade, we assist you throughout the Android game development lifecycle.

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Android's user interface is mainly based on direct manipulation, using touch gestures that loosely correspond to real-world actions, such as swiping, tapping and pinching, to manipulate on-screen objects, along with a virtual keyboard for text input. In addition to touchscreen devices, Google has further developed Android TV for televisions, Android Auto for cars, and Android Wear for wrist watches, each with a specialized user interface. Variants of Android are also used on notebooks, game consoles, digital cameras, and other electronics.

Android game development is the process by which new applications are created for the Android operating system. Applications are usually developed in Java programming language using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), but other development environments are also available.

Game development on the Android platform is challenging and rewarding and comes with it's own set of pitfalls and hard learned lessons.Mobile Java applications are not a new concept and in fact were one of the original focuses of Sun when it because the java project. There have been mobile java games since the first JVM was put on a mobile device. In the case of the Android things are a little bit different. Android uses what is called the Dalvik Virtual Machine, or DVM, which is an opensource implementation of a JVM. There are several differences between Dalvik and a standard JVM, some subtle, some not so subtle. The DVM is also not aligned to either Java SE or Java ME, but to an apache implementation called Apache Harmony Java. All of this makes for a slight learning curve if you happen to be transitioning from Java ME.

Android game development is done with the help of Google Play games services.The Play Games SDK provides cross-platform Google Play games services that lets you easily integrate popular gaming features such as achievements, leaderboards, Saved Games, and real-time multiplayer (on Android) in your tablet and mobile games.

Android provides a rich application framework that allows you to build innovative apps and games for mobile devices in a Java language environment.

Applications ("apps"), which extend the functionality of devices, are written using the Android software development kit (SDK) and, often, the Java programming language that has complete access to the Android APIs. Java may be combined with C/C++, together with a choice of non-default runtimes that allow better C++ support;the Go programming language is also supported since its version 1.4, which can also be used exclusively although with a restricted set of Android APIs.The SDK includes a comprehensive set of development tools,including a debugger, software libraries.


1. The launch of Apple's App Store in 2008 radically changed the market. First of all, it widened consumers' opportunities to choose where to download apps; the application store on the device, operator’s store or third party stores via the open internet, such as GetJar and Handango.

2. Mobile developers can upload applications directly to the App Store without the typically lengthy negotiations with publishers and operators, which increased their revenue share and made mobile game development more profitable.

3. The tight integration of the App Store with the device itself led many consumers to try out apps, and the games market received a considerable boos

Billion Device understands your Android game development needs,accordingly create highly interactive games that always become a huge hit on the App Store. Our efficient team of creative designers, qualified Android game developers, game testers and dedicated marketing experts work collaboratively to build visually appealing, awesome mobile games that have a potential to attract users and monetize your business. We have a well acknowledged reputation & credibility of being an ace developer of cutting-edge Android games.

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