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Mobile Strategy Approach

A mobile data management strategy is a structure imposed on a complex data model that is to be navigated by a user on a mobile device. This is a relatively new process born from the popularity of mobile applications that requires a flexible and in-depth navigation structure. There are several methods for such strategy, each describing approaches to a variety of tasks or activities.

The guiding approach will provide overarching direction for all stakeholders to base their decisions

General Security Approaches

Opportunistic - “minimal security footprint”
Relative Value - “perform equal or incrementally better than rivals”

Absolute Value - “do what creates the most value”
Compliance - “good compliance means good security”
Risk to Zero - “accept as little risk as possible”

Mobile Strategy Actions

Strategic actions support execution and delivery of the strategy Examples of actions include:

Accelerate VDI implementation
Sandbox mobile devices
Segment network to support BYOD
Develop mobile risk scenarios to characterize exposure
Define data classification requirements
Develop social network and mobile training program

Complementary Drivers

Complementary drivers provide a good platform for a mobile strategy
Unified Collaboration/Communication - Accenture, Cognizant
Mobile Field Services - ADP
Disaster Recovery/Emergency Response - Interstate Transport
Enterprise/Web 2.0 - Booz Allen Hamilton, Cognizant, Juniper Networks
Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure - SaveMart
Mobile Application Development - Google, Wells Fargo
Electronic Records Management - Univ. of Chicago, Goodwin Procter
Wireless Infrastructure/Security - USD, GWU, Halifax Health Systems
Social Media Employee Collaboration - J&J
Mobile Claims Management - Reliance General Insurance
Intellectual Property Workflow Automation - Thomson Reuters

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