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Mobile application management (MAM)

Mobile application management (MAM) describes software and services responsible for provisioning and controlling access to internally developed and commercially available mobile apps used in business settings on both company-provided and “bring your own” smartphones and tablet computers.

Mobile application management provides granular controls at the application level that enable administrators to manage and secure app data. MAM differs from mobile device management (MDM), which focuses on controlling the entire device and requires that users enroll their device and install a service agent.

System features

An end-to-end MAM solution provides the ability to: control the provisioning, updating and removal of mobile applications via an enterprise app store, monitor application performance and usage, and remotely wipe data from managed applications. Core features of mobile application management systems include:

»App delivery (Enterprise App Store)
»App updating
»App performance monitoring
»User authentication
»Crash log reporting
»User & group access control
»App version management
»App configuration management
»Push services

»Reporting and tracking
»Usage analytics
»Event management
»App wrapping

MAM focused on the lifecycle aspects such as distribution,updates,enterprise app catalogs,blacklisting/whitelisting and security.MAM was needed to managing the exploding universe of public and custom apps.

Applications are not “one size fits all”.Some are not written or owned by the enterprise.So the ability to control them will always be limited.

One ideal application for MAM is controlling a device dedicated to a single app in what has sometimes been dubbed”Kiosk Mode”.Use cases in RetailStores,Hotels have enable this mode to expedite the check-in process,Lookup inventory, or order food and beverages.

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