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“Mobile is so important put your best people on mobile. If you don’t have mobile strategy you are no longer relevant”.
Some Facts to consider:

» 34% of Employees in 2012 are Mobile(Source IDC*)
» 78% of MNC’s plan to adopt Unified Communications by 2015.(Includes Mobile Video Steaming & Conferencing)
» 85 Billion mobile applications will be downloaded in 2012
» 8x increase in secuirty risk by proliferation of mobile data and devices.
» 62% BYOD devices used for business,compared to 38% corporate-liable in 2012(Source :IDC*)

Six Steps to Enterprise Mobile Strategy:

Define the current state and strategic direction of Mobility needs in your Organization.

» Devices: Which device types and form factors shoud be supported and do I have a need for special types of devices?
» Governance: What are the policies,guidelines and programs for mobile users and Bring-Your-Own-Devices(BYOD)?
» Support: What is the best way to support my users?
» Mobile Applications:What mobile applications do I have today and what is the best way to roll out additional applications in the future?
» IT Infrastruture:What tools do I need in place to allow me to effectively manage my mobile devices?
» Security: What secuirty policies should be in place to ensure the safety of my corporate assets?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

Define, document and publish your "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) Policy .You need input from a number of departmental functions like IT,HR,Legal,Security,Finance,Your Network Carrier(s)

Which employees are eligible for business devices(Corporate liable) ?
Which employees can bring their own?
What Data,Functions,Applications will be accessed?
Which devices will you support?
How could the big bang of mobility be manage?

Managing Devices:

“Devices Managed by external service providers estimated to grow over 50% in 2013” - Gartner

Mobile Device Management (MDM) gave IT the abilityto enforce a passcode,Connect to corporate resources such as Email,WiFI Networks and Monitor Devices.
Through API’s built into the Operating system,IT could configure settings,Enable or Diable features,locate and lock devices remotely and even partially or fully wipe data when necessary.

As users & Apps are more sophisticated,documents such as spreadsheets,word documents become manipulable on mobile devices,Hence many companies found they need more than just MDM.

In response to this plea,there came another expansion –the advent of solutions for app and content management and seperation of work and personal in the form of containers.

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