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Billion Device is one of the company to provide individual care with essence by best practices and higher customer satisfaction.We resolve customers computer network problem with high success rate.It is the first point of contact for many IT application and services.

24/7 service is that is available any time and, usually, every day.we makes consumer intent across any channel, collapsing the time to deliver successful outcomes in the moments.We are open 24 hours a day,7 days a week.

Whether it may be commercial,public or non profit industrial utility services.This infrastructure resolves technical difficulties,provided quick access to information and delivers vital services when and where theyre needed.

Continuous operations

Many 24/7 services operate continuously at all times with complete shift staff.

Geographical alternation

24/7 services which can utilize virtual offices, such as call centers, may employ daytime agents in alternating time zones.


Professionals who provide essential services may personally provide it at all hours in response to emergency paging. Similarly, many other small business owners and sole proprietors who provide essential services, such as roadside assistance, may simply be prepared to answer incoming calls at all times.


1 .Accessiblity

2 .Prompt Service

3 .Clear accountability

4 .Reliability

5 .Cost effective solutions


Step 1 - Understanding client needs and analysis

Step 2 - Analysis : Understanding your business

Step 3 - Design and useful ideas

Step 4 - Development and testing

Step 5 - Acceptance and Launch

Step 6 - Promotion & Maintenance

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